Monday, June 22, 2015

Letter from Alyssa - June 22, 2015

. . . If others ask for my email or want to contact me, you can give it to them, but let them know it is much more likely for me to respond if it's a hard-copy letter. You can send me pics too if you want! Anyone can.

As far as the work goes, like I said there's not really any amazing stories or miracles that I've seen (not saying they haven't happened as a part of our work, but you know what I mean). We are given several less-active members to visit, and only one out of about every six answer their door and it takes about three or four times to get that answer. Contacting (what we do in place of tracting because there's so many gated communities here) is tough because everyone is either in a hurry or driving/in their house/inaccessible. Dinners are provided every night though by members. I have been asked to play about 10 musical numbers within the next month so far. I love it! We are organizing a combined yw/ym activity for next month to get the youth involved in missionary work and to get to know them better. 

We've had 3 missionaries come home in the last two weeks and about 4 or 5 submit their papers or get their calls with a lot of other youth preparing. There is a senior missionary companionship serving in Detroit and the Elder (I think his name is Elder Douglas) was just diagnosed with Leukemia (spelling-?). There's another Elder (younger) who's family was in a plane crash a couple weeks ago or so. His dad (an experienced pilot) was flying and his mom and siblings were in the plane. The plane stalled about 500ft above the ground after take off on their way home. They all died except for the Elder's 5-year-old brother. This is all I've been told by members and the bishop. The Elder may go home if his little brother needs him, otherwise, he'll finish his mission. Please keep these missionaries in your prayers (and I don't mean to scare you...). 

Last night my companion (Sister Hall) and I went with the Dana Point ward relief society president and some sisters to the School of Infantry at Camp Pendleton (a Marine base in the mission) to serve them dinner after their sacrament meeting. Most who attend that sacrament meeting (out of about 20 total) are non-members and the missionaries teach them. One that I met, Skyler Brock, is from McKinney and recognized my name because he was in your institute class, Dad. That was a neat experience. Wednesday I played piano at a devotional about the temple for a bunch of other missionaries' investigators. There are some pretty cool things we get to do. I'll write down stuff as this next week goes by to include in my email next Monday. 

Our next transfer is on July 7th, I will most likely stay in this area with this companion because the first 2 transfers are in training and they typically try to do that, but if the Spirit says otherwise then who knows? I'll let you know then. Chances are though that either my companion or area or both with change come August 18th (end of my second transfer).

- Sister Shumway

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