Monday, June 29, 2015

letter from Alyssa - June 29, 2015

Most people here in Cali freeze at 72 degrees and think it's really hot and humid at 78-79 degrees (really??). 
I did see the statement the church posted, it is encouraging and true. These things that are happening hit you harder when you're on the mission, from Elder Perry passing away to now this it's intimidating and exhilarating at the same time!
 Literally almost every single member of the church I meet say "Sister Shumway... do you have relatives in ______?" 
More pictures are coming! Eventually... 

Still looking for that investigator. We had our p-day activity with the zone at my Ward Mission Leader's house last week. I talk everyone how to play round robin and we played tournament after tournament! I was always the last sister out and the farthest I got was second place. I also beat every Elder in pool. That was so fun (for me especially). Sister Verla Sorensen is my favorite (I mentioned her in a past email). We work closely with her because she is a ward missionary. She was going through her things since her husband passed away less than a year ago and we were helping her, she found a really nice guitar that never gets used and wants to give it to me (I was so surprised!) she's checking to see if one of her grandkids want it but she's pretty sure they all have several, and if I don't get it that's totally okay. I was shocked at her casual offer to give it to me though. That's how wealthy people are, Brother Hansen (another ward mission leader) tried to buy the Elders a brand new washer and dryer like it was pocket change. Anyway, Sister Sorensen says that the reason people fall out of the gospel is the same reason people fall out of bed: they don't get in far enough. She's the best. She also told me to borrow one of her sewing machines to help alter some things out of service for the temple tour sisters so that's a project I've been working on. Last night Sister Hall and I went to teach at the School of Infantry again at the Marine base (Camp Pendleton) and I'm a designated pianist there too. Add that to the list! Other than that, we spend a lot of time making phone calls to set appointments only to leave voicemails, making visits for people to not answer doors, go contacting where people don't know how to be social outside of a small flat screen, and do all we can really to proselyte and strengthen the faith of all we do come in contact with. If there's anything specific you want to know ask me... it's tough to know where to start and what I'm leaving out and such.
If you wouldn't mind putting President Von Orgill's name on the Dallas temple (and any other temple(s)) prayer role, he is pretty sick and has been for a long time. Sister Hall tells me his body rejects most of the food he tries to eat and refuses to sleep, though you would never know it in talking to him, it amazes me how he works like all is well and never takes any thought for himself first. I think he would appreciate it greatly.
Say hi to everyone! Give hugs! Send pics and questions and puns and exciting things that happen and yeah!!

- Sister Shumway

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