Monday, July 20, 2015

Letter from Alyssa - July 20, 2015

Not much progress this week to be honest. It's been long. Our numbers are way under our goals. Numbers don't mean anything though. They do, but they don't. We've been trying to contact Shay but this week we have not heard back from her. We have to way to contact Wendy so we are praying and preparing for her next lesson in 2 weeks. Angelica has also not responded, we are trying to contact her again this week. We try almost everyday with Kerri (she said to stop by often in case she's there, crazy busy etc. that everyone says) and she hasn't been home this week really. Michelle is annoyed with us coming, she isn't that comfortable in our presence but her dad David loves for us to come (David's less active, Michelle is not a member and is 14). Chris (less-active) and Sarah (non-member) finally answered after 2 months! But they said to come back next week and that it wasn't a good time. Same story almost exactly with Joseph and Erika. Keli has been brushing us off for 2 months, said 3 weeks ago to wait to come again for 3 weeks, we're going to try again this week. A lot of voicemails, visits with no answers, a few canceled dinner appointments, contacting seems hopeless in this area though we still do it, no referrals, and another 6 hours of church behind us 'til next Sunday (The Sabbath is not a day of rest for missionaries).

Missionary life:

It has been storming here for almost 2 days straight! I love it. Everyone else here doesn't know what to do about it though. It's quite hilarious to watch how traumatizing a light rainstorm for Texas is for people here.
I have been asked to be on the Visitor's Center Committee, in other words, help with organizing our music devotional nights at the temple (stake center across from the temple in the chapel, then grounds tours after the music). I played 5 songs last week for it (2 solos and 3 accompaniments) and have been asked to do 6 more next week (1 solo and 5 accompaniments). This time, they want one of the accompaniments on the organ! It is fun, I'm not good yet but every practice (which is no more than about 3hrs a week) I feel so enabled to accomplish it all, I'm not the one truly playing when we perform but I get to enjoy being the instrument in The Lord's hands. I don't know how He does it.

I feel like I'm forgetting a lot. Pics soon(-ish) to come!

- Sister Shumway

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