Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Letter from Alyssa - August 10, 2015

We have gotten about 6 referrals this week, and tried each several times with no answer. One of which is named Iberia Tarin who, according to the person who referred her, has been wanting missionaries to come for years. We still haven't caught her though.
Theresa VonHutten is a convert of a few years who we have been working with to help her prepare for the temple endowment, after a few months she is now ready and is going Tuesday and we get to go with her!
April (I may have mentioned her, she just walked into church one day about a month ago because she felt impressed to and has come almost every week since) is making progress, she's been reading the Book of Mormon with a member and will hopefully start taking the lessons this week or next.
Torah has been taught for months by different missionaries, but most of the lessons were simply reading and discussing the Book of Mormon, not making much progress. We met with her Saturday and she wants to be baptized, but we're not sure she really understands what all that entails. Next time we teach her we're going to try to help her understand what kind of commitment it takes.
Michele Adams has been coming back to church after being disfellowshipped and we've been meeting with her weekly since I got to California. She is now able to partake of the Sacrament again and is making her way back into full fellowship/membership.
Edie Housley is a nonmember and her husband was less active before he died a month ago from an aneurism suddenly. The RS President took her under her wing and is helping her go through stuff after the service they had for him. We visited her and she totally opened up to us, she's so ready and we're going to go back and start teaching her soon.

Missionary Life:
This weekend we get transfer calls again. I'll have finished my training so there's a good chance (especially since Sister Hall and I have been together for 2 transfers now) that one of us will be transferred. She hopes I'll stay so I can finish adjusting in a familiar area, though I know she's love to stay in these great wards (and not to mention on the coast). We went on a hike as a zone this morning and had a short testimony meeting at the top of a hill overlooking the ocean. That was fun, it was cloudy so it was cool.

Something interesting from studies this week:
I don't have my scriptures with me at the moment but one thing I remember reading was in the Sermon on the Mount Jesus talks about doing unto others as you would do to yourself and in the footnote on the verse it said something like "TG marriage, commitment" or something like that. Or I read the wrong footnote.

- Sister Shumway

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