Monday, August 17, 2015

letter from Alyssa - August 17, 2015

I went to the temple with my district on the 5th and with Theresa (the person in our ward we've been helping to prepare for the temple) last Tuesday. . . .

I must say though that I'm cheering you all on more than you're cheering me on, a lot of missionaries get letters from families (if they get letters/emails from them) about a lot of disappointments and even though I would hope you'd tell me if things did happen, I feel so blessed to belong to a hardworking, diligent, righteous family that tells me even more awesome stuff every week. . . .

I am being transferred. I don't know where or who my new companion is until Tuesday. Sister Hall is being transferred too, which has all been a huge surprise this week. We found this out 2 days earlier than everyone else because President Orgill has asked Sister Hall to be Sister Ruiz's companion. She is from Guatemala and didn't speak a word of English before arriving at the MTC, but now she speaks it better than most anyone in Texas. She's so bright but has an overpowering personality. Part of that is due to all she's been through. I don't know everything, but I do know her family is all converts and she's been a member for only a few years. She's been on the mission as long as Sister Hall has. She has been through deceiving situations at no fault of her own growing up and is a special missionary, a hard worker, but a tough companion. With all that happening, Sister Nuttall (Sister AP) is taking our area so I found out I'm not staying. That's all I know so far though. They didn't have sisters in these 2 wards for months and then suddenly doubled in me and Sister Hall and now they're doubling us out. That will be tough for this area since it has been dead for 8 months at least. I'm confident Sister Nuttall will do a good job, but I'm not the only one afraid for the work here in the near future. I trust in the revelation given to my Mission President though. Speaking of the work, this week things are finally happening now that I'm leaving! Literally. After months of working and doing all we can, this work starts to bear fruit just a little too late. Edie canceled our appointment next week but wants to meet with missionaries this coming week. Same exact story with Iberia, Sarah, Ericka, and Wendy. Not even kidding. Now that a bunch of people are back in town, Michelle, Keli, and Shay are looking to set appointments this week too. Torah accepted the challenge to be baptized last week, but won't commit to a date until later this week. April decided to meet with missionaries this week after going to church with a friend from the ward for a month and a half. Finally things are happening! At a very very tough time for us. I'm sure there's more I forgot to mention or that would take wayyy to much explaining. Even Verla Sorenson (I mentioned her in some of the first emails) is out of town and so we can't say goodbye. Our Ward Mission Leader just got back from being out of town for 2 months, the work would have flourished much earlier if he were here especially since his assistant ward mission leader made things very hard on us (he took a lot of our time trying to teach us - lecture us - on how to do missionary work, which is not his calling at all. it's been frustrating trying to work with him and some things he's said have been brought to the bishop and high councilman over missionary work by the zone leaders). Overall, Sister Hall and I are suddenly exciting for Sister Nuttall and whoever her companion will be and all they have to do in this area. Some good things though, we got to go on an extra temple trip with Theresa that I mentioned above. That was the highlight by far. I am playing piano at the transfer meeting in front of the whole mission (I've lost track of how many times I have been asked to play. no joke. it's the best). We taught sharing time yesterday on how to have a missionary moment and we practiced by having kids come up and teach me in a role play something about the gospel as if I were their non-member friend. I got down on my knees to be at their height, my name changed from Garrett to Crystal to whatever and we acted it out. That was fun. Last p-day I cut Sister Hall's hair and it turned out really really good. Our car is white, or actually not so white, because every time we clean it it gets so dirty less than a day later. So we've been waiting to wash it 'til today right before transfers. The Elders have left cards with notes on it on our windshield because of it saying things like "Please wash you car. it is gross. - President Monson" "I have a 2-word sermon for you. Clean it. - President Uchtdorf" "I would tell you to wash your car, but I don't have to. The Spirit will do so for me. Isaiah 1:16 - Elder Holland" and "You Sisters are the best! We're going to miss you in Dana Point! - Elder Bednar". Today we are spraying their car with silly string (washable). If it weren't for the "Y" sticker on the back though, I'd be pretty ashamed of our car too. The bishop called me yesterday and told me he holds me in very high esteem and wants me to visit sometime in the near future, that phone call meant a lot to me, especially since he works full time and has 6 young kids besides being the bishop. He was very very involved in missionary work and tried as hard as we did. Overall, this week has been great and ironic. But I am very curious to see why I'm being transferred given the circumstances and what is coming up in store.

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