Monday, September 28, 2015

Letter from Alyssa - Sept. 28, 2015

Ok... I promise I read through every word of your email (and absolutely loved it!) but my responses my not be so long because this week is transfer week and we got a lot to do. First comment: you are all fantastic! I wish I could express that better! Especially as a missionary, I see so many missionaries here who don't get emails every week from their families, let alone all the problems their families are going through. I am so blessed and so grateful to be a part of this family!

Anyway. A few updates first that stood out this week.
Wednesday was pretty cool because we were doing temple tours and my trainer (Sister Hall) was there doing them too. So her companion Sister Ruiz (she's from Guatemala) and my companion Hermana Duncan went and worked together because they could both speak Spanish so I got to spend some time with Sister Hall. That was really great. I miss her.
We have had 6 teaching appointments all fall through in a row. But it's okay! It's tough because I know what they're missing, but The Lord has a way (the way) (actually He is the way) of making everything work out (pretty sure President Hinckley said something like that).
We had dinner at the Dove Canyon Clubhouse, which is an exclusive place only for special members of the Dove Canyon gated community. It was soooooo good. We are fed dinner almost every night and most members treat us very very well when it comes to dinner, and here that really says something for this affluent area.
I am now one of the lead chairman of the music committee for the mission (me and another awesome sister share that assignment) because 4 of the 9 members are going home, 2 are senior missionaries and 1 is part of the mission presidency so we're the last 2 left. We have a lot of great plans in store to have music invite the Spirit to help individuals' conversion.
2 more fun things. First, there is a black widow living on our front porch of the apartment. It will not die. It's a zombie I swear. They're pretty common here. We named it Consuela in honor of the talk "Feeding Consuela" that I suggest you look up. Also the talk "Thou Shalt Be Nice" (random, but I just remembered it). Anyway, we are trying to come up with plans for it's destruction.
Second - I have been asked to be a trainer! There are brand new missionaries coming fresh from the MTC and I'm one of the trainers for one of them. So excited! It's going to be hard. I'm going to be tired. It's going to be great.

I am so proud of all of you! I love reading about all these accomplishments and feelings and ideas and events and stuff you all send. And thank you thank you thank you for the pictures! That is my favorite part. I print them and add them to my wall with my mission call posted there.
I only have a few minutes left - I have plenty of skirts Mom, thanks though. I may send these ones home at some point just so I'm not carrying them around all the time. And Dad, is there any way we could access the Character of Christ video they show in the MTC? It teaches the same principles as Elder Bednar's talk you sent that I have, but added more to it. It's okay if not though I've heard it's the only place it's shown.
Landon - in answer to your questions from last week, first off you asked me what I would do, and what you have been doing is even better than what I think I would do. I admire you and your firm faith. One thing I have learned (actually from the Character of Christ that I've been talking to Dad a little about) is that in those times, to truly become like Christ, when you are in distress or experiencing tribulation, it is the perfect time to look around you and find someone who is experiencing something similar but to a lesser degree than you are and to reach out to help them. Does that make sense? If not, look up that talk with that in mind.

I feel like I have so many more responses and things I want to say, I feel like that every week. But, like Casan says :D Peace out til next time!

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