Monday, September 21, 2015

There's a lot I want to comment on but today I'm so worn out and shorter on time than usual. I may have to respond more detailed next week. A couple things that stood out though - Ty, I made a mental note to ask why you haven't sent me puns lately, but at least you sent one this week, I'm sorry you had a rough week. Landon, I will consider your questions and study on them this week, it means a lot to me that you would ask me. Aubrey, I'm so proud of the missionary efforts you (and Landon) mentioned! Keep it up. Casan, you're so awesome, thanks for trying to send a long letter, that was sweet. Kynsie, good luck on your talk! I'm not worried at all, the young men and women are in for a treat.

This week. Well. The actuals we submitted (vs. our goals) was basically a line of 0's. 4 lessons fell through within the hour they were scheduled: The lesson we were supposed to have last Monday with Leslie Collins' family of 9 with a member present was canceled, and we can't visit her for a few weeks since she started Chemo again. We had a lesson set up Tuesday that a returning less-active set up for his sister to be taught that also didn't happen. Our Wednesday Preach My Gospel class was canceled for a couple weeks. And we even had a lesson set up with a Calvary Chapel minister tonight that was canceled. We have a list of potential investigators since none of our current ones are responding, but we lose names from that list faster than we can add names. We had a really good zone conference on Thursday. We have transfers coming up and I'm ready for some changes to be made but also not willing to let that be a reason to slack this week.

- Sister Shumway

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