Monday, October 19, 2015

letter from Alyssa - Oct. 19, 2015

Sounds like another fantastic week for you all! It is so fun to receive all your updates. When you share with me the things you are passionate about, working towards, and your experiences, especially the things you have learned, it increases my faith and keeps me going. Believe it or not! I thank Heavenly Father every day that I am so richly blessed with a strong family.

This week has been, well, another week in the field. I'm amazed at how much I learn each and every week and am continually humbled by The Lord as He manifests His power in His work.
I feel like this week has been a learning experience in preparation for what must lie in store this coming week because I'm exhausted from working so hard, yet it seems I have little to report. There are moments I feel answers are clear and I'm headed in the exact right direction, but often I also feel I'm running in circles despite my efforts and desires. So this week may be a little shorter or not as responsive, I'm so sorry for that but I will look for more that I can send for next week.
Monday was p-day of course, so we didn't start our missionary stuff until 6pm, which is when we had dinner. The member had canceled so we just went to our apartment that night. Towards the end of that though we got a text from the District Leader's companion (to the whole zone) to include the District Leader in our prayers since he had just crashed his bike. We texted back if we could help and we decided to make dinner for then since they were at the hospital and didn't end up getting back to their apartment until past 8pm. It was a little tricky since one of them is allergic to tree nuts, gluten, dairy, sugar, and bell peppers, but we figured it out without sending them back to the hospital. He has dislocated his shoulder so they are now walking everywhere, but it was fun to do that service.
We have had a lot of visits and phone calls with no answers fill a lot of our time. Tuesday we also had a music committee meeting that was pretty frustrating since we're still trying to figure out exactly what we're doing while trying to pull off the things we need to do, but that should be straightened out soon since President Ellis will be back.
Wednesday we had an awesome training as a zone and had dinner with a less-active that I believe I mentioned, Allie Machii. Her non-member husband was asking a lot of questions about missionary life and service, he wants to have us over again for dinner but neither him nor Allie were interested in any invites.
Thursday we took Ainsley Ranck (12-year-old in a semi-less-active family) to Joann to pick out a pattern and fabric for a Halloween costume for her cat. She has a concussion (we brought her ice-cream the day before) and can't do really anything that requires concentration, so with her mom we are spending a little time with her to keep her occupied so she can heal. That's been fun, and as soon as she's healed they want to come to church and activities more.
We haven't taught Joanie this week, her son has had some doctor's appointments to figure out what to do about his medication. Hopefully we'll see her this week.
Our plan this week is to go through the ward list and know every single person. I'm not so sure exactly how to approach it overall, but my companion and I are working on it and for this area believe it will help the work a lot.
Saturday we had an exchange with our Sister Training Leaders. It was quite uneventful. We had to take the car to the shop for an oil change and it ended up taking about 4-5 hours because they wanted to fix other stuff.
Sunday we saw the Collins family finally! Her treatment is looking up and she's seen many miracles and answers to prayer through it all. We are helping her husband put up a bunch of decorations this Saturday (if all goes well) for Halloween. It's a slow but promising process for them as far as teaching and fellowshipping because of her situation, but we are back in contact so that's awesome.
We got a call from a member in the neighboring ward who gave us a referral, a friend of her daughter's, her name is Liz Scott and she's 16. We contacted her and have an appointment to meet her Thursday.
The Cheney family brought a bunch of friends to the Primary Program yesterday and all they ward members are spreading the word about the trunk-or-treat coming up, so we have a lot a lot a lot of work to do this week. But we have much to look forward to as well.

Thanks for the email! Love you all and have a fantastic week.

- Sister Shumway

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