Monday, October 5, 2015

letter from Alyssa - October 5, 2015

The news about Grandma and Grandpa going on a mission makes me so happy and excited!! Are they going to put in any requests that you know of?
Mom's homemade bread sounds so good right now. Anytime actually haha. But yes we are well taken care of, sometimes a little too well. I have to be very careful when it comes to eating.

When you say Red Lobster I usually think of a nice expensive restaurant with pretty gross stuff. And probably smells gross too. But over the last few months I have actually come to really like shrimp, almost as much as I like chicken (chicken is one of my go-to's when I don't know what to order or something). And, being in a wealthy area, I've had it in several ways already. Random.
Anyway, I'm so so so glad everyone is alright after the accident last week. I really hope you and Landon and Aubrey are doing ok more than just avoiding physical injury though. So is everyone on bikes or something? I'm guessing some people are helping out with rides.
It still sounds like there is so much to look forward to at the same time though!

OK my updates may be a little all over the place this week. I'll type them as I remember.
First - my new companion's name is Sister Ward, she has been in the field for 5 days. She is so awesome. We click so well, I am excited for the miracles we can expect this upcoming transfer or two. She plays violin and loves music. She's very pretty and is excited to be here! She loved her MTC experience like I did. We are still in Rancho Santa Margarita in the same ward, Live Oak Canyon, and I love it! If things go as planned, Sister Ward and I will be together in this ward at least until Landon and Tyler's birthday when her training is complete. We have such a good time as friends and also in the work. With the new transfer, and on the note of what happened for you Tuesday, I have been assigned as designated driver in this companionship, which basically means I drive everywhere and California is not exactly an ideal place to do that. But we have been safe and I believe we will continue to be safe.

As far as the work and people:
Dennis Lyttan (I may have mentioned) is a convert of a few years but has been less-active, and he's just now coming back and going through the reactivation process. He loves missionary work and is trying to help his sister's interest in the church. He was at dinner with our ward mission leader and is excited to help.
On Wednesday we had dinner with Ilene Miskanyar. She's a less-active, but her siblings and mom are active members. Her mom lives with her but she's 90 years old so she has a hard time coming to church. Ilene's husband is not a member, which is why she is no longer active. But last week she called us and asked if she could have us over for dinner, which was awesome and thoughtful of her! It was really really good. And we had a great discussion. We invited her to watch General Conference with her family and have yet to follow up on that this week.
We met Fiona in an apartment complex while contacting. She's 11 and doesn't believe Jesus Christ exists. She asked us about Him and we were able to talk to her for a while before her grandmother came out and said, "oh, no thank you, we're Christian." Fiona took a card with our number and the "Finding Faith in Jesus Christ" DVD and said she'd contact us if she could.
We met Chuck that same day in that same complex. He has a Mormon "lady friend" and was genuinely interested in the church. He took a card, we got his number and passed him to the Elders.
Sandy Littican is a friend of Lori's who wants us to come by this week and start teaching her the discussions. (Lori is Dennis's sister).
Jean Salzer called us, she's a less active we haven't been able to contact or meet for the last 6 weeks. She wants to know how to do family history work so she can have her mother's work done. We have an appointment with her this week.
Diana Ranck is also somewhat less-active. We taught her boys an FHE lesson and we're going to set up another FHE with her entire family and the Barry family (the Elders have been working with the Barry's, another less active family who are the Ranck's home teachers). Sister Ranck's daughter just got a major concussion though, so we have her in our prayers.
April Zahr is a less active who married a non member after returning from her mission in Venezuela. Her kids are ages 7, 11, and 13 (Zoe, Zack, and Zane) and she wants to have them baptized. We plan on meeting with her to discuss that, the bishop has been very encouraging with this particularly.
Devoree and Kellsie are 2 brilliant young women, age 15, who are both preparing for missions! We are taking them out proselyting with us this week.
We ran into Jennifer while contacting in that apt complex and she took a card and wanted to call us. We didn't get a call. The other day, while walking down the street contacting, we contacted her as if we never met her since we didn't recognize her, and she was excited to see us (we put it together as we talked). We gave her a Book of Mormon and may be able to meet with her this week or next.

General Conference is what Brother Judd in the ward refers to as the super bowl weekend for missionaries. It is the best! I have all my notes at home and I'm almost out of time to email... But it was fun to be a full-time missionary while hearing Elder Cook give his shout out to the missionaries worldwide. I love his talk. I loved all the talks by the apostles particularly, also Elder Lawrence, Elder Clark, and Elder Durrant stood out to me. I can't wait to hear Priesthood session! I had a thought - with Elder Durrant's ponderizing challenge, will those of you who accepted the challenge tell me about the scripture you ponderized last week and which one you plan to this week when you email? That would be so great and uplifting! This week I decided to start with 2 Nephi 31:20 which I'm sure most of you know without having to look up. I will try to remember to talk about my thoughts next week on it.

reminder: any pics you want on my wall, just send them and i'll add it :D no pressure though. peace out haha

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