Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Report on Sister Shumway from a ward member

Dave Mauss is our home teacher here in Frisco, TX. His cousin lives in the ward Alyssa is serving in. Dave sent the following email, with the following clip from his cousin:

I thought I would give you a clip of what my cousin just sent me in an email.  I had just thanked him for hosting us and showing us around his ranch.  He had this to say about Sister Shumway as part of his response.  Just so you know, my Cousin has high expectations and doesn’t usually give high praise.  He isn’t easily impressed and Sister Shumway has impressed him J

Please let Sister Shumway’s parents know that she gave a very sweet testimony on Sunday.  Several members of our Ward had spoken in their testimonies about the blessings that had come to their families from having a missionary in the field.  That touched Sister Shumway and she spoke of how it comforted her to know that she was drawing even closer to her family even though she could not see them or speak with them.  The Elders and Sisters in our Ward are tearing it up right now.  They are really hard workers and have made contact with so many less active people who have not had contact with the Church in years.  Sister Shumway is honoring her family in a big way!

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