Monday, December 28, 2015

letter from Alyssa - Dec. 28, 2015

What a week! So this week my email will have to be a bit shorter because I received an email from an anti-mormon group that was a concern so some of my time was taken to call the mission president and take care of it. I had more I wanted to email, and I LOVE reading the emails you send, I wish I could respond better but I will do my best this week to send what I can and try to make up for it in future weeks.
The work is starting to pick up. We are coming in contact with some people, but this week has been slow due to the Christmas holiday. But like I told you over skype last week, we are over 2 huge wards so we have sooo much work to do.
We have been receiving information little by little about changes that are coming up in this mission. Most of it is polishing up our obedience and being consistent with the missionary handbook and Preach My Gospel, but it's all preparatory is what we've been told. Also our new mission president is to be announced in the next couple months so I'm sure it has to do with that.
We found insideout CDs in the apartment. Sister Phinney has never heard them, I got excited and told her I know these songs insideout (...get it?). That's been fun.
We had sticky rice for dessert at the Noblezas. Not the sweet kind you have with mango, but the thicker stickier kind dad made for us a long time ago. That was fun too, the Noblezas are awesome.
Thankyou again for the wonderful Christmas!! Especially talking to you all, that was so so so neat.  I am blessed in so many ways, I think Heavenly Father enjoys sending extra blessings, even if we don't necessarily need them, to remind us He loves us.
I'm sorry again for the short email, love you all and talk to you next year :D

- Sister Shumway

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