Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Letter from Alyssa - Jan. 19, 2016

Aliso Viejo -
We taught Kayla the restoration. She like it, said she would be baptized if she likes our church more than other churches. Committed to read the Book of Mormon as well. But she got kicked out of her apartment so she's in LA and back and forth between here and there (don't know how, her situation is so unstable it's pretty much impossible to help her steadily progress). But we keep in contact.
We visited Carol (less-active). She wasn't feeling well, so we came in and played piano and she sang and by the end of our visit she felt so good and happy and thanked us over and over for coming. Now we just need to find her a ride to church.
Jennifer (investigator) is not answering calls, visits, texts, nothing. She has disappeared again.
Gabriela (less-active) seems to be trying to come to church, but we wonder if she and her daughter are being really flakey. Her daughter's birthday was last week and though we had plans with them, most all of them fell through. We're trying to get them connected with the bishop and stuff, but contacting them is tricky too.
Jimie (recent convert) texted us asking us to come over to do her hair because she really likes how I do mine (...?). Her hair is almost to her waist, so I actually pulled in back in a ponytail, braided it, and twisted it around into a bun with a scrunchy around it like mom would do for me. It turned out too.
We met the Mulvilles, a part member family that lives literally next door to the Nixons. Same story: mom and older son are not members, dad is less active, younger son is on a mission (except with the Nixons the dad isn't a member either). They recognized us, invited us in just like the Nixons did, and she started baking cookies so she could make us stay for at least 20 minutes. She also asked through conversation if I had a particular part of the Book of Mormon she should read since she's never read it, that was neat. Hopefully she will read it.

Wood Canyon
Brittney is a potential we finally got in contact with. Talked with her for about an hour just about Mormons and what they do and such. Her friend was over and he asked a lot of questions too, we ended up giving him a Book of Mormon (she already had one). Got her number.
Logan was baptized (Elders' investigator), and Lorenzo (recent convert of a few months) got to baptize him, they're close friends and seniors in high school. That was cool

I have a whole lot more to tell you about, I'll email you Monday and it'll be long. But I ran out of time I'm so sorry! I was excited to email this week because I had so much good stuff. Talk to you soon! Promise!

Love you all!!

- Sister Shumway

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