Monday, March 21, 2016

letter from Alyssa - March 21, 2016

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANKYOU again for the fantabularistic package this week!! I think I am the most loved missionary there is ever in the history of ever. We totally had so much fun opening it.  :D :D =D :D
Love love love love love love love each one of you:) (that's 7 loves... one for everyone hahaha)

- Sista shums all the way

Most embarrassing experience in the mission . . . I have no idea really what's going on in the Presidential Election except a few names of leading candidates. So when it was brought up in conversation (don't remember who with) I accidentally said Tom Cruz instead of Ted Cruz. 

Favorite scripture story? Probably the parable of the prodigal sons. 

Weekly Report:

We had a sleepover on Monday night, Laguna Beach Sisters (Sister Bambus and Sister Brown) came over to our apartment for the night. We had so much fun. They are fantastic sisters, their car broke down so they spent last p-day with us doing stuff and then just stayed with us so it'd be easier to take them to pick up their car the next morning. I slept on the floor, I should do that more often, it felt great honestly.

Sister Phinney had also been kinda sick in the beginning of the week. So between that, and p-day, and the Laguna Beach sisters' car (sitting in waiting rooms and such), the first few days of the week we did basically nothing. I was so tired but not in a way that I was worn out, more like just bored and groggy and wanting to hibernate. We also had a lot of meetings with transfers coming up this week. So a bit of a rough start this time.

Wednesday didn't get much better because there's a less-active (Joy) we work with that LOVES to feed missionaries. The only problem is that when she does, she takes them out and orders the entire menu. So she had us for dinner (Bishop puts it this way: "thanks for taking one for the team, sisters!") and we were really sick that night and the following morning. We've gotta get creative with another way to work with her.

Along with the meetings, we've had a lot of stuff to plan for music, and President Ellis wants me to start providing music numbers for mission leadership conferences, zone conferences, and zone training meetings. His wife also gave me an organ lesson and some music for organ/piano duets! So the meetings were all good and productive and I got a lot to do, especially with music, which I LOVE, but a lot to do nonetheless.

Thursday the week turned around. We went to Tara's house (recent convert) and helped her clean her house since she wants to do spring cleaning, but with school and her husband being out of town and having a 4-year-old to watch she asked for help since she was a little behind. And we loved the opportunity to have an excuse to wear jeans! So that was fun. PLUS Tara is getting her recommend for being endowed soon!! And she wants us to come to her endowment :D don't know when yet. But I can't wait!

April (less-active) is such a sweetheart. We keep meeting with her, she's doing so good and trying to hard. Not as much of an update on her as I thought though... (I write a few notes of what to email through the week sometimes) but she's doing good.

Julie (less-active) is progressing! Finally! There's a wonderful member missionary in the ward, Sister Neeley, that had her and us over for dinner on Saturday. And she came! That's the first time she's come to anything church-related or responded to an invite in years!! AND she read the scriptures :D She never reads them herself, she only wants us to read aloud to her because of her bad eyesight and she always changes the subject before we can elaborate much on it but this time Sister Neeley got her into the scriptures with us, we jumped around sharing some of our favorites and Julie was totally engaged. She's hopefully coming to church on Easter. And she's in a completely different place than she was when I met her. So happy.

Friday night the Nobleza's had us for dinner for a sushi party. Yeah, sushi. Raw fish. The whole deal. I'll send pics. I was brave. The raw fish wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but Sister Phinney finished mine for me (she loves it). And the sushi was ok but I didn't really like it. Sister Nobleza is a really really good cook too, so that was like high quality sushi, I guess I just don't like sushi... But the breaded shrimp was good. We tried eel, crab (I liked the crab), raw salmon and a couple others, and made California rolls to have a foreign food but still particular to our mission. I thought that was creative. We helped make it too, so it was fun and there was TONS of it leftover.

Jennifer (investigator) is back in town and... she's back with Fernando! I swear this is like middle school for senior citizens. For the 3rd time, they have gone from zero communication to looking for houses together. We are meeting with her this afternoon, and making plans again for another baptismal date, which is very good.

So Sunday was a really really good day! We had 3 investigators at church and 2 less-actives, more than I've had my entire mission. And for once we talked to everyone we needed to that day. Then we had waffles for dinner so of course it was a good day.

Transfer news: transfer day is TOMORROW. I'm staying in Aliso Viejo and Wood Canyon wards, and... Sister Phinney is being transferred to the Marblehead ward in San Clemente :( I also know who her next companion is, and I'm really scared she's going to be pretty high maintenance and a little difficult for Sister Phinney to connect with. Which makes me sad because she's had pretty bad companions basically her entire mission. She doesn't want to go, and it's kept her up at night for the last 2 nights. But I do know the ward is FANTASTIC. One of the favorites of all missionaries here. I will do something special for her before she goes. My new companion's name is Sister Loveridge, she has been out for only a transfer so I will be finishing her training. She's also coming from serving in Dana Point, my green area, so that'll be interesting. All I've seen and heard of her, which isn't a lot but from pretty reliable sources, is that she's awesome. So awesome. And quiet a few sisters are jealous that I get her. So we shall see. Got a lot to do between now and then, so talk to you all later!

- Sister Shumway

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