Tuesday, March 29, 2016

letter from Alyssa - March 29, 2016

Yesterday computers were down so we couldn't email until today.

Updates on the work -

Jennifer has been in and out of the discussions and preparing to be baptized 4 times in the last week. It's been really hard to keep up with her, one day she's together with Fernando and the next Fernando is asking for his car/house keys and ring back, and a few hours later they're putting money on a house together. We had an appointment with her last night but it fell through. All she talks about when she sees us is baptism, but we can hardly teach her the lessons to get her there. Both the Bishop and ward mission leader are kind of giving up and resorting to just telling us to let them know as things happen.

We had a relief society activity on Wednesday night, 2 less-actives came because their active friends invited them. And the Elders' investigator, Alex, was there. Also Jimie (a recent convert) brought her new roommate, Claudette, and we got to meet her and visit with her on saturday as well. We are going to try going over today to introduce the Book of Mormon and invite her to learn more.

Dollie (less-active, husband is not a member) and her husband, Josh, came to church last sunday since it was Easter. Dollie is Sister Fusco's daughter (the really awesome member I told you about who's putting in her mission papers). We hardly get to contact her because she's very sensitive and we can only work through Sister Fusco, so it was great to see them there.

Also the Novillo family was all there at church. Sister Novillo is fantastic and so strong, and a really good cook by the way. Her husband is not a member, he's been a few times and likes the missionaries. They're 2 adopted kids are both turning 16 this year, and their birthdays are on April 28th and May 3rd (how crazy is that?!). We are going to visit them, the ward mission leader really believes Brother Novillo is ready to have a baptismal invitation extended to him.

April (less-active) is still April, struggling because of her condition but doing well and pressing forward. We were able to get her to relief society on sunday, and after general conference we have a plan to help her get to church on time.

Joy (less-active) had us over, still working with her but she got to meet my new companion and we had a pretty good discussion. She sent us home with leftover pizza and cookies.

Julie (less-active) is doing better. We had a pretty good discussion about the plan of salvation, especially the resurrection and she had some good questions. She almost came to church sunday but we didn't see her there.

We called Rod and Kathy (2 investigators), they basically said they were really really busy and not to call them until they call us.

Other stuff - 

On Monday before transfers, May, a recent convert in the ward, took me and Sister Phinney and the Elders to this place called Cream. It's this ice cream and cookie sandwich place, kind of like Smart Cookie (the place Ginnie took us a long time ago). It was fun, and really nice of her.

We get to do family history every week on wednesdays and I've found more names! I'm going to have the youth and other missionaries help me do the temple work. One of the names I found was one that I had been baptized and confirmed for while I was in Rexburg, and I forgot about her because i wasn't endowed at the time, but I'll take her to receive her initiatory and endowment sometime this transfer when our district has our quarterly temple trip.

Sister Loveridge is great, she's been out for 2 months but is on fire. She loves being a missionary and I'm trying to keep up with her! She also served her first transfer in Dana Point and Capistrano wards, where I served for my first 3 months with Sister Hall. Also, Sister Hall had been out as long as I have now when we became companions. Whoa. But Sister Loveridge is great because she helps me be better and more obedient in the small ways that are easy to forget. It's been a challenge and an adjustment, but we get better as we go. For fun, on wednesday, I took her to Bowl of Heaven for lunch, that was great.

Women's Broadcast was fantastic, and has gotten me so excited for general conference this weekend! I took notes but I'm running out of time to be able to write much now. But I also remembered the fun memories of having girls night with Mom, Aubrey and Kynsie, and I thought of you and missed you. Sister Loveridge and I had a good time talking about that and the things she would do with her mom at women's broadcast and priesthood session too.

The VanBlooms (family we had for dinner on sunday night) gave us mini Easter baskets! That was so thoughtful and fun! After dinner though, I left mine on Julie's doorstep with a note since we didn't see her at church that day and she lives alone. But Easter really is such a fun and spiritual time for everyone here.

Ponderizing scripture from last week (because I totally forgot) "That they themselves may be prepared, and that my people may be taught more perfectly, and have experience, and know more perfectly concerning theirduty, and the things which I require at their hands." -D&C 105:10

and this week "I know if ye keep the commandments of God ye shall be saved; yea, if ye keep the commandments which the Lord" -Mosiah 12:33

Have an awesome week, talk to you next week!
- Sister Shumway

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