Monday, March 7, 2016

letter from Sister Shumway - March 7, 2016

Aloha! (that's a thing here)
Another pretty normal week for us here too, normal meaning busy and difficult and eventful and such of course. 
I'll update on the work first since there's not a lot to say -
Gabriela and Alexis (less-active mom and daughter) are not being responsive anymore or keeping any commitments. They've been designated to the ward council since there's not really anything we can do as missionaries anymore. That's been tough because we had such a great relationship with them for a while but they still make their own decisions.
Jennifer is out of town. Her daughter lives near San Francisco and had surgery last week so she went up to help. She doesn't know how long she'll be gone, but she's expecting something like a month or so. Transfers are in 2 weeks so even when she is back who knows what the situation will be. We're in contact with her almost daily, and the missionaries, ward mission leader, and ward council are in contact with us too. They're going to meet her this week. She did go to church for the first hour on her own while she was there, so that was pretty cool. But as for now, her baptism date is canceled again.
Stopped by Julie (less-active). Didn't have much time so couldn't even share a message this time, but we brought her a bunch of skirts to choose from so she could come to church. We were hoping she would yesterday, but last week was the anniversary (of 2 or 3 years) that her husband was brought to the hospital and passed away. So that was tough for her, but we're working with her at her pace.
Heather (former investigator, her husband is a recently returning less-active member) came to church and started teaching primary yesterday! We are going by tonight to see how she's doing and how her first day of her calling went.
Katie (recently returning less-active young woman) is doing fantastic. And we didn't even do anything. Last week she went to the Provo City temple open house and had a wonderful experience. She shared her testimony in Young Women's yesterday about that and other things. She wants to come out teaching with us soon.
Other stuff -
Sister Barr had us over for dinner last week. She invited us to come a little early so we did and when we got there we found that she was hosting an Activity Day girls' activity at their house and the activity they were doing was making dinner for the missionaries. That was so awesome to see, and dinner that night was really really good.
Sister Kuresa also had us for dinner, she asked us to come early too to help sand some wood chairs and she could get to know us a little better. She just recently moved in so that was the chore she had us do, and it was fun! She is so so nice. She's Samoan and loves everyone like her own family. It was a blast and she's one of our favorites haha.
The Noblezas had us for dinner too (wow, all these great dinners to talk about, we are spoiled). I got to try pork adobo and fried bananas. So good.
On saturday we had zone 24s which means that all the missionaries in the stake get together and switch companions (according as the zone leaders and sister training leaders have assigned) for the day. I was with Sister Bludworth, she's pretty awesome. We found out we were in the same class at BYUI in American Foundations. We recognized each other slightly, but that class had about 50 students so I didn't have a close relationship with any of them. But it was funny that we have that connection. This is her first transfer in the mission, she reported to the MTC less than 2 months ago. But we got along great, and though not much happened that day, no crazy stories or miracles that I know of, we had a good time.
We had another music devotional last night, it went well. I feel like there was more to say about it but I can't think of anything. It just went well.
This morning we had all the sisters over at our apartment from the zone (so there were 9 of us total) for breakfast and studies. That was fun, we made banana bread and smoothies and other stuff to share and just visited to start off the p-day. Along with studies of course. I love studies. And breakfast.
Ponderizing scripture, "But blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear." - Matthew 13:16
We pray for each of you often and will do so even more.

Love you!

- Sister Shumway

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