Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Further details on the hospital visit

Sister Shumway,

I thought you’d like to know a few more details regarding Sister Evans’ experience with you and the missionaries at the hospital. Brother Griffin is Sister Evans' home teacher and visited her since you visited her at the hospital there in CA. He sent me the following tonight:

Thanks for passing along.  this is a great update.  Very faith inspiring. 

Tyler Miller and I went by Sunday.  We were there for an hour and a half.  She basically relived every minute of each day she was there.  When she got to the missionary visit, she relayed what a special blessing that was.  She said the elders gave a very inspirational and well thought out and long blessing.  then they gave her one as well.  Then she got to talk to your daughter and was very grateful and wanted to keep in touch. She texted me earlier in the week for the name of your daughter. 

I remember that her mom had a lot of genealogy.  I told her she should try to locate it and ask for it.  I told her that we would like to do the temple work for her in a year and invited her to get ready to do it herself.  That didn't elicit much response from her, but I told her we would be happy to help.  So I hope to make genealogy work something that we can work with her on to invite her to more fully come to church. 

I'm glad your daughter could be there and have such a good experience.  It was such a trying week for Sister Evans and I know having the missionaries there was a big blessing to her that gave her a lot of peace with the situation. 

Missions are awesome because they teach us to be more like President Monson J. I love how you responded to the Spirit J.

Love you most!


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