Tuesday, May 17, 2016

letter from Sister Shumway - May 16, 2016

You guys always send the best emails.

So I had asked you over the Mother's Day call some thoughts on my training for district meeting (the Light of Christ), and it went great! I didn't have navy socks so I grabbed a black skirt and a navy skirt and did the same thing Dad suggested. We then had a great discussion with a few scriptures I tied together, and we talked about it in a deeper sense for their personal application as missionaries and disciples, then simplified it into the context we would use for investigators and less-active members. All in about 15 minutes. I learned a lot.

Ok when I read this line from Dad, "I have been praying a lot this week for you to receive opportunities to teach people who will have soft hearts and the desire to change." I just about fell out of my chair. And I had to show my companions. Their jaws dropped. Because we've had more opportunity in one week than I've probably ever had!

We finally caught Kelle at the right time. It was about 8:50 at night and she had just gotten home, which meant we had just enough time to either get in contact with her and go home or teach a lesson (because then we have until 9:30 instead of 9). Since it's been a couple months since she's responded we were hoping but didn't expect much. We ended up teaching her the restoration, committing her to read and pray, and she invited us for dinner sometime soon. We pulled in to our apartment complex at 9:30 on the dot. Fist bumps all around. But she thought it was great! Even though her Mormon friends growing up weren't the best influence for her, she wanted to know why we believe what we believe and she was so fun to talk to. She also has a daughter who's somewhere between 16-18 we're hoping to include in our discussions as well.

We were tracting, this guy Jeff opened the door, we asked him if we could share a message about Jesus Christ and His restored gospel through a prophet, he said sure. We taught him the restoration and he said to come back this week, and that he would read the Book of Mormon. He has 3 kids and a wife he lives with that he'll share these things with. It was perfect because since there's 3 of us in the companionship we were able to go into his home to teach him (his wife wasn't there).

Friday night was a party at the Kuresa's house. They had Jake, Janette, their 5 kids, and a few other family members as well as 8 missionaries. 8! Us 3, the 3 elders also serving in the ward, and the 2 elders serving in Janette's ward. We taught the gospel of Jesus Christ, and all loved it, the Spirit was there for sure. The kids were answering questions like they've been in primary all their lives! And we have another appointment to teach Janette tomorrow. :)

Sabrina had us over for lunch, she is a talker. She talked for an hour and a half straight, we couldn't even respond to her comments. But the food was really good. And we were able to share a message about our purpose on earth with a verse from the Bible, she's read the Book of Mormon cover to cover and has been involved in Mormon stuff for years but there's just 'a few things she doesn't agree with' that are keeping her (as far as her face-value reasons say). But President Davis (stake president, and fellowshipper for her) encourages us to keep up with her and not give up, she really is a lot of fun and a great friend. But we got to teach her something and she says she feels especially good when we come.

Julie got a laptop for mother's day so she could do family history from home! And she said she probably wouldn't be at church but she showed up for sunday school and relief society!! We taught her about the Savior's role in our lives, and that all we do focuses on Him. Making great progress.

The Terrys had us over for dinner and unexpectedly (to us) had 2 non-member friends there! We talked about Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon, His role in it and how it testifies of him. They like it, they're both high-schoolers and one said she'd read the Book of Mormon. It was so neat to be at a family dinner teaching the gospel to their friends. Of all the teaching opportunities, that situation has a special feel you can't forget. They took our number before we left.

Through tracting, we found 3 new potential investigators. Marlene, Laura, and Emma. Marlene started to decline when Sister Clements asked if she would mind if she used her restroom. Marlene was really nice and welcomed her in. We talked to her while we waited and she seemed to show a little interest in what we were saying about prophets. So we gave her a Book of Mormon and will go back this week. Laura (another door) recognized our name tags and even though she was in a hurry she told us about how the boy missionaries were so good to help her when she was moving and wouldn't even take money for it. They kept tabs on her to see if she ever needed help/service. She wanted to know what our message was, so we gave her a Book of Mormon and our number and we're going to try seeing her tonight. Emma was a teenage girl walking her dog as we were walking back to our car, she gave us her number so we could teach her more about the gospel and took a Book of Mormon. All on the same street. I wish there was an Elder Wood in this mission because the street was called Elderwood.

John 15:16 this week "Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you."

Pray works! Because as you REALly pray, Heavenly Father works. And He never fails. Looking forward to another awesome week for all of us! Love you!

- Sister Shumway

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