Wednesday, June 29, 2016

letter from Alyssa - June 27, 2016

Genesis 18:14 "Is any thing too hard for the Lord?"

Top highlight of the week by far was watching Landon and Ty open their mission calls! Everyone in this mission is excited and praying for both of you!! I am such a lucky missionary to call and talk to you all again. :)

Update on the doctor - after staying off my ankle for a week, the nurse told me to go to urgent care. The x-ray came back negative so no fracture. They said they're pretty sure I have strained tendons there. There's also a physical therapist in the ward that looked at it and has been helping me out. It's still really painful but I'm walking so that's good. More on that as I find out.

Friday we got to go to the temple again! Tara, the recent convert I was working with in Aliso Viejo, was endowed. I got to see Sister Loveridge and her new greenie companion, and also the bishop of that ward and his wife. Tara was so happy. I love the temple.

Yeah I met Sister Elliott this week! (Shauna) That was so much fun. She's awesome! We had such a good time at dinner that night. I don't know if this is safe to share haha but I thought you'd find it funny. She said "it's awesome to be able to just say 'Derek' and you get exactly what I mean!" and I just told her "oh me too, you have no idea!" She's definitely a favorite.

Ok some things on the work.

Taught Sydney again, she went to youth conference and LOVED it. Her favorite part actually was the devotional, even more than the dance! Though she had so much fun the whole time. She's in the middle of Alma in the Book of Mormon and we're hopefully getting closer to setting a baptismal date with her.

On tuesday, the Julanders had us for dinner. Monday night we had FHE with the stake president, who told us their daughter, Sierra, just submitted her papers officially that night. It's been a week now, so any day her call could come! But we were going to share a message at dinner and invite her to invite a friend to take the missionary discussions in her home with her in preparation for her mission. When we got there though, she already had a friend there! No one was expecting her to take the lessons, but my companion and I extended the invitation and taught her friend Angela the message of the Restoration. She said she would ask her dad if he would let her continue the discussions, but that she would be interested in learning more and reading the Book of Mormon. :D

I was on exchange on Thursday with my MTC companion Sister Baker, that was awesome. It's so fun to meet new missionaries, but sometimes even more fun to go on exchanges with those you already know after it's been a while. The day was great. We taught this guy Josh at a park, he had been teaching his 7-year-old daughter to play basketball, but when we started talking to him he said he was at a phase in his life when he was questioning some things spiritually and had five minutes to give us. We gave a solid rundown of the Restoration and he accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon. We offered to teach him more and he said he preferred to give us a call. We are praying for a "Best 2 Years movie" experience!!

In that same park, there was a group of 4 teenagers we were a little uneasy about. They were just sitting a talking, but Sister Baker and I looked at each other and just said in our experience with that situation it could either go really well or really bad. But then we decided that Preach My Gospel already made the decision for us whether we were going to talk to them or not (it says so many times to talk to everybody) so we did. It was a little awkward of course, but we gave them a card with the easter initiative video on it and told them to look it up on their phones sometime. I just thought it was awesome that as we walked away, one of them pulled out their phone and we heard them say to the others, "I just want to check this out and see if it's for real or not."

Fun week, ready for another one! Love you!

- Sister Shumway

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