Wednesday, June 1, 2016

letter from Alyssa - May 31, 2016

FINALLY got in with the Rusicks (Brent is a member, Heather is a non-member) and asked them if they'd be interested in the missionary discussions again. They said yes! They're just going to be out of town until the end of next month. So we caught them at the perfect time but it is something they want to do. Took me almost 6 months to get in and ask them that question.

After another day of missionary work, we were walking back to the car and saw a teenage boy on the sidewalk. It was about 8:50 at night (curfew is 9 unless you teach a lesson it's 9:30) but we thought we'd stop and talk to him before going home. Turns out, his name is Jeremiah, he's 15, gladly took a Book of Mormon planning to read it, listened to a 15min version of the restoration, and said we could come back and share more. That was cool.

Jake and Janette are struggling a little... Janette was at church, she is determined to work towards baptism. We have a lesson set up for Thursday night to teach them with the Elders in their area and officially pass them off to them. But apparently she and Jake had a bit of a disagreement last week and we can't get a hold of Jake. Don't know a lot of details, but the adversary is working on them.

Oh that same night we met Jeremiah, we were walking from Karen's house (less-active). One of the ward missionaries visit teaches her and could never get in contact with her. We tried a few times, but she finally answered even though it was late at night (right before Jeremiah). She saw us and said she knew what we were there for and that she hasn't been to church in decades even though her entire family is very active and would love to see her go to church. We talked with her as friends and offered service, promising we didn't have to talk about 'church stuff' and it would help us by giving us an excuse to wear jeans. At the end of the conversation she was smiling and took our number, we'll try again if we don't hear from her but it was an awesome contact that left her better than we found her.

While I was at a meeting with the other STLs, my companions went tracting and accidentally tracted into this part-member family the Elders have been working with for months, but they haven't been able to get further than just catching the wife (member, husband is not) for 30 seconds every now and then on her way out the door. But my companions talked to one of their teenage sons, who wanted us to come back. So we did and had a great conversation with the husband. He asked us to come back at a time when his whole family could be together. We were so stoked to hear him ask that! Making progress!

Fireside with the youth sunday was fun. Just at a members home, encouraging to invite friends to anything and everything. Great discussion, I played piano, those nights are fun. I thought I had more to say about it since I penciled it down but may as well mention it.

Don't know what it is with finding new investigators in the very last few minutes of the night but last night at our last door tracting a YSA-age guy let us in and we taught the restoration, extended the commitment to read the Book of Mormon, and began and ended the lesson with prayer. He has friends he hangs out with at the church building playing basketball and said we could come back. Oh and his name is Aris.

So when we were weekly planning we (as companions) had a hard time brainstorming what we could do to increase our teaching pool in the Wood Canyon ward. Aliso Viejo is doing great, but Wood Canyon's is shrinking fast even though we go contacting there all the time. So we've been working and praying and Sunday we received 3 referrals all of a sudden! All will take time and effort but it's an awesome start just handed to us! Hopefully this will help get the ball rolling there, especially since the members are so ready and desirous to help in the missionary work.

Love you and praying for you all! Good luck this week!

- Sister Shumway

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