Monday, June 13, 2016

letter from Sister Shumway - June 13, 2016

First, a scripture - "Nevertheless, ye are blessed, for the testimony which ye have borne is recorded in heaven for the angels to look upon; and they rejoice over you, and your sins are forgiven you." - D&C 62:3

Ok, update on the work:

Tiffany (less-active) had a lesson with us at the Turners' house Monday night for dinner and FHE, it was a blast. Especially since they have 6 boys ages 8 to missionary so it was a bit crazy but that's part of what made it so awesome. It reminded me of some of our FHEs :D but I think it meant a lot to Tiffany. She'll be out of town for a little while but will get connected with us again when she's back.

We met Lauren finally! She's not a member and her husband is less-active but his entire family is active. Lauren would make a stellar member of the church, it's almost like she already is. We only stopped by and met but she was so nice to us and we were able to connect so she wants us over again when she has more time. She also already has so many friends in the ward so off to a great start.

Had a lesson with Aris (investigator), it went ok. We taught the plan of salvation, he couldn't accept the fact that someone had to die for him to make it all possible. And he didn't pay much more attention to the rest of the lesson once we taught that, like resurrection and kingdoms of glory and such. But his roommate listened in this time and both said they would start the Book of Mormon since they didn't already. We will text and follow up.

Kelle (investigator) had us over for dinner, it was good and she talked a lot so hopefully that's a good indicator that she thought it was good too. But we taught the plan of salvation to her as well, and at the end she was like "well that was very nice." She didn't really apply it, even with our invitation. She also had a friend there who responded the same way, but at least we could share it with them. We're going to emphasize the Book of Mormon again with her.

Steve (investigator) let us start teaching him the plan of salvation but we ran out of time once we taught about our life on earth. But he asked us to come back to finish it so hopefully the cliff-hanger will be ok with him for now. He was very receptive and good to us though.

Julie (less-active) came to church, we had a pretty good lesson about enduring to the end and what reward awaits us if we simply hold out faithfully and obey God's commands. She enjoyed it and thanked us for it too.

We finally had a pretty good lesson with Caira (investigator). We started reading the Book of Mormon with her, I swear when in doubt, read the Book of Mormon. In a lesson, if you're struggling, if your companionship is struggling, if you need to relax or refocus or refresh, when you have a question, again if you're teaching a lesson, you cannot go wrong with the Book of Mormon. She's again starting to progress. I'm pretty sure the Book of Mormon is the Spirit's favorite book.

April (less-active) is doing ok. We had a good lesson with her yesterday too. You know why? We started reading the Book of Mormon with her again. It was neat because she can hardly focus on things in conversation or when she's doing something etc., but as we were teaching and discussing the scriptures she was totally involved and asking questions and making connections as good as she could for her condition.

Other stuff -

We were tracting and there was this one door we came to that when we knocked on the door, a bird flew strait out of the wreath-thingy that was hanging there and startled us. It was one of those moments that I had a reawakening when I thought I've seen it all, especially on doorsteps. No one answered, but we did find a tiny nest with baby birds where the bird flew out of. I wonder if the people that live there even know.

We got to go to Deseret book last Monday. I don't remember if I mentioned that in last week's email but it was so much fun I thought I'd mention it again anyway since it was part of the week. We just browsed for almost 2 hours and were it not for limited funds and space in my suitcase I would've bought a library.

Apparently I slept through three 5.2 earthquakes the other night. I had no idea until someone told us about it the following day. My companions were so upset they slept through it too and missed it.

Took a trip to San Diego! We escaped for a day when no one was watching. Just kidding we had to meet with an attorney to start figuring out all this insurance stuff with the car wreck and such from January. Hopefully I can finish this off so it doesn't follow me home. But we had a quick moment to grab a pic at the temple, that was fun.

Today marks the day that me and Sister Loveridge reached our goal of 42 days of no extra sugar. And we totally did it! I feel so good. But we're also rewarding ourselves by completely contradicting the goal and going to Nothing Bundt Cakes. We're going to get 12 different flavors of their small cupcake-sized ones and cut them in pieces so we can try every one of them. So excited.

Also - I'm being transferred tomorrow to the Las Flores ward in Mission Viejo. My new companion is Sister Wimmer, she was in the MTC with me and we're both Sister Training Leaders so I'm so ready and excited to get down to work. Not only that, but we totally clicked and she's awesome, we've been friends this whole time so I know it's going to be great. I'm also excited to be in just one ward again, and I've never served in the Mission Viejo stake/zone so all new stuff. Sister Wimmer is going to be new to it too so we're both starting it together from scratch. So ready for a challenge.

Love you all! Speaking of transfer I have to go pack now so I promise I love you even though I have to go now! Love you!

- Sister Shumway

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