Monday, June 20, 2016

letter from Sister Shumway - June 20, 2016

So excited to skype you in about an hour to hear where the boys are going! So I have to cut this email a little short this week... but an email wouldn't be enough to contain how thrilled I am about your calls Landon and Ty!! I just cannot wait, I bet it's been like that for you guys this whole last month. Sorry to make you wait, see you real soon though!

Helaman 3:27 "Thus we may see that the Lord is merciful unto all who will, in the sincerity of their hearts, call upon his holy name."

The new ward and companion are awesome. I have had the distinct idea and feeling that this transfer is going to be the best one yet, and I'm looking at it ahead of time with the attitude that this may likely be my favorite area and companion looking back after it's through. Sister Wimmer is so cool. I love her! We also have a very ambitious but awesome ward mission leader, Brother Chamberlin. Right off the bat he assigned us so many names of people to meet and visit, and helped us get a head start on the area. He has set the bar so high, but I love the challenge.

Our one progressing investigator is Sydney. She's 15, her mom is the only member of her family who is a less-active returned missionary. We have yet to get to know her mom better, but we had a lesson with Sydney the other day and it went sooo well. She really wants to be baptized. She's going to girl's camp and youth conference this summer and has been reading the Book of Mormon every day. Last week she read from 2 Nephi 4 to Mosiah 8! And she's an awesome friend, she texted us Sunday asking if she could sit with us at church so that was amazing. :)

Also met the Keen family. They're a part-member family, but none are members. The dad was the only member but he passed away a year or 2 ago or so, the wife and 2 sons aren't members. They welcomed us in, which was much further than the elders have gotten with them so even though they're out of town this week we caught them just in time to make a good connection at the start.

Also, I have spent the week on crutches this week which has been a little trying at the same time as a pretty effective missionary tool occasionally. The nurse thinks I have a minor stress fracture in my ankle, it happened gradually about a week and a half ago so on Tuesday they put me on crutches to see if that helps. I am to report tomorrow to see how it's doing, but it's not feeling so great so I don't know yet. But that's been fun!

Those are the highlights, but since it's short I'll quickly share something I learned with you this week. It was one of those things that came as I was talking and didn't make the connection in thinking about it that way before. Has that ever happened to you? I was talking in a leadership meeting about something I learned in the MTC, one of my teachers taught me "there is no comfort in the growth zone, and no growth in the comfort zone." But right as I repeated that it came to my mind through my words (a little backwards?) that the Holy Ghost will be there as we grow in the best ways to be that comfort anyway. It's given me a bit more confidence in striving to become even better and just do it.

Love you!

- Sister Shumway

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