Monday, August 15, 2016

letter from Sister Shumway - August 15, 2016

Dad! Sister Atchley and I are giving a training in zone training meeting this week! And it starts with the scripture D&C 29:7! You are inspired. I'm using these notes you sent.

Thank you for asking me what you can help me with Mom, I will see if I can think of something. These past few weeks have been a little difficult but I wouldn't have it any other way still. I'll let you know, and I feel like I've always said prayers help but I've come to find that prayers are difference-makers, for real, so THANK YOU.

The scripture I've thought of this week (besides the one you sent Dad, haha) is Alma 29:6-7 "Now, seeing that know these things, why should desire more than to perform the work to which have been called? Why should desire that were an angel, that could speak unto all the ends of the earth?" The reason I thought of this scripture is one of the sisters in our apartment is a convert, and she was telling me that she wishes that 'her missionaries' could convert everyone so they could all have the experience she had. Then she read this and realized that Alma wanted to be an angel because that's who 'his missionary' was, and he wanted everyone to experience the conversion that he had. I thought that was neat.

It's been a good week.

We started with dinner at the Kennedy's, a part-member family. Brother Kennedy wasn't very active when they were married but relatively recently has become way more committed to being involved in church, especially attending on Sunday. But his wife felt really pressured at first so it left a bad taste in her mouth. So the dinner was really good because we taught a lesson to the kids and it was overall a good way to make a connection and start again to build a relationship with that family. Today we're bringing over a treat and a thankyou note for having us over.

Sydney is doing good. Today's the first day of school, she's about ready to ask her mom if she can go to seminary. We will go to that point and see from there about baptism. But we had an FHE lesson with her and another family in the ward so like I said she's doing good.

Stacy Olzak (less-active) was so close to coming to our service project saturday morning! But woke up sick. But she did want to come, so we'll probably ask her to have us for dinner again soon or something. Extend more invites.

The service project saturday was the Stop Hunger Now event again, same one I did in my last area. But a little smaller group. We still got over 17,000 meals packaged though in less than 2 hours! So much fun.

The Keenes could use some prayers... it's been tough to get in with them. They're always so nice, but we're not sure what to do to help them at the moment.

Carrie and Quincy finally came to church for the first time! They LOVED it! The ward totally wrapped their arms around them, and even several of the young men included Quincy in their group right off the bat. Quincy (15) wants to be a missionary now, and stayed all 3 hours even though Carrie left after one. We're about to try to help Carrie find some better employment, but other than that now that they have friends and a good connection with the ward it'll be much easier to help them progress.

Brother Gaya (new ward mission leader) and Brother Harris (new assistant ward mission leader) are fantastic. They are on top of the missionary work and ready to take action with specific plans to use service, family history, youth involvement, and the ward council in this area more. So excited.

We met Kristen while just out walking and contacting people on a trail in the neighborhood. She gave us her number and knows 2 girls in our ward that just got back from their missions a couple months ago. They both just went back up to BYU, but maybe they can still help. She's interested in learning more.

We also met Monica the same night, her and her husband have lived here for 10 years after moving from Taiwan, and she's interested in Christianity so she gave us her email (...?) and also expressed interest in learning more.

Pam stopped us and talked to us in the apartment complex between visits, she asked if we knew where to find this one apartment that a pizza delivery guy was having a hard time finding. We helped them out and then Pam said she liked our cute bags. We told her we're missionaries and she gave us her phone number so we could come visit her and talk to her about what we do.

While walking on the trail another night, we ran into 3 people the elders have been trying to get a hold of for months, Dennis, and then Derek and Dorene. And Dennis actually used our pass along card to text us. Derek and Dorene asked why the elders never come over anymore. We have plans to follow up!

Ashley Elliott just got home from her mission and gave a great homecoming talk. It was fun to tell her we're basically cousins! She is such an amazing person and a lot of fun to be around. We took her tracting with us this week and had a good time.

Have an awesome week, I love you!

- Sister Shumway

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