Monday, October 10, 2016

letter from Alyssa - Oct. 10, 2016

Another week! By the way, Brother Mark Hobbins is in the mission presidency. He lives in the Live Oak Canyon ward and served there as high councilor over missionary work while I served in that ward last year. He's fantastic and a wonderful friend! He was going to Plano to see one of his grandkids baptized so I gave him your info to see what he could do, whether it was just a text or even a drop by. So glad you could hear from him! He's played a key role in helping me succeed as a missionary.

Jackie was home and we had a great discussion with her again. This time I was with my companions (last time was YW splitz) so they got to meet her and get to know her a little better. We challenged her to read 3 Nephi 11 and we have an appointment with her and her mom this week.

We finished staining Robin's fence, and now we get to do the fun part and go back to follow up and try to teach her this week.

Picked up a new investigator - Nicole, she wants her daughter baptized (who's 13) even though she didn't specify into our church, but so she wants us to come over for dinner, hopefully this weekend. We plan to start the discussions with her too.

Mission Leadership Council was awesome, President Hobbins and President Galland gave trainings on inviting the Spirit in any scenario and also having power to convince. It was neat how they went together. President Clark also trained on the importance of the Book of Mormon and how it can be preparatory for us for anything that lies ahead.

Young women's was fun, we had a chocolate tasting party. One of the chocolates had poprocks and cajun (is that what it is?) pepper in it. Fun night.

Speaking of weird foods, the store bought pie that the Julanders had after dinner the other night had jalapenos in it. It was a mistake but funny to find out, Brother Julander was the first to take a bite so he saved us from having too.

We also had a night of Korean food, Brother Stromberg served us a bunch of cool things from his mission. Most of it was really good, this sweet flavored beef with rice, and sushi, and some weird but good sort of noodles, spinach, and bean sprouts, and dumplings, it was a lot of fun to try but the only thing I didn't like was the kim-chi (don't think that's the right spelling...), which is basically fermented cabbage in hot sauce. But I tried it! Just to say I did.

We tracted into Oscar and Estephanie, who we ended up passing to the spanish hermanas. And we found out they are now new investigators and coming to church!

We had exchanges and so I was in the YSA ward for a day, we got to teach 2 members preparing for missions, and then we shared one of the missionary discussions with a member of the bishopric. Which was SO COOL. I think the Spirit was most strong in that experience this week.

The Fischingers opened their door! It's been about 2 months. She was so nice and we plan to go back.

Sorry to be brief, we got a lot on our plate this week with exchanges, transfers, starting 'MyPlan', and a few other things I forgot at the moment but I have written down. So excited to hear how this week goes for you all! I know I say it a lot but I love you soooooooo much!!

- Sister Shumway

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