Monday, October 31, 2016

letter from Alyssa - Oct. 31, 2016

Landon and Tyler, you guys are so much better at emailing than I am haha! I love reading your emails, they're the best and so much fun. :D

So throughout the week I jot down little notes of what to write about, so by Monday I just look at the list and talk about each thing. This week we were so busy that all I have is a list of names. It's awesome. Let me tell you about it -

Sister Ferrel gave one of the best trainings this last district meeting I've ever seen, and this was her first district meeting so she hadn't even ever seen a training before! (except how they do it in the MTC) She was confident, used time perfectly, held our attention the whole time, and helped us out a lot with our teaching skills with the practices and discussions she included. Wish you could've seen it, she really is an incredible missionary.

Tara has set a baptism date for the 26th! It will probably have to be moved since we realized that was Thanksgiving weekend and not many people will be here... But she's getting baptized :) She was out of town this weekend so we'll see her again this week.

We met with Craig twice, I don't know if I already told you about him but Sister Ferrel found him at the free lunch thing we do at OCC (tell me if I haven't told you about what that is... I'm pretty sure I have) her 2nd day in the field, and he gave us his info and set a return appointment. We taught him the first 2 lessons this last week at the institute building and he really likes it, we have another appointment tomorrow to pass him to the elders but he accepted a baptismal invitation if he finds out what we teach is true for himself.

Tiffany (less-active) met with us, we're a little concerned because she wasn't at church this last sunday again but she's been friendly to us, let us come teach her the missionary discussions, and has been inviting her friend to institute. So we think she's doing pretty good? Working on it.

Tanya is one of those investigators that says she'll never be baptized and isn't really interested but asks all these questions and says things like 'I just want to learn about it' that indicate she's more interested than she probably realizes. It's awesome though especially since she's a referral from a friend, so it's such a good situation for her to possibly progress more in the gospel. I bet if she reads the Book of Mormon and opens up a little more she'll want to be baptized.

Lucy (recent convert) had us over for lunch. :) She's getting her patriarchal blessing soon. So cool.

So that phone call we got at church last week, with the voicemail that said "Hi, my name is Yessica and I'm interested in the missionary discussions, call me back!" We met with her this week, she set a baptismal date for December 3rd! So it went really well.

Sierra turned 18 last weekend, we meet with her later this week to discuss a baptismal date for her too.

Randallyn had her baptismal interview yesterday, and she's all set and ready to go for saturday! She's so golden, last week we taught her then entire lesson 4 in one sitting under an hour. 0.0 and it turned out great for her, but I never expected to do that and I'm not sure it'll happen again.

We got a call from a member asking us to teach her friend Ruth who wants to have the missionary discussions. :D Member missionary work is where it's at.

After contacting at a park, we were walking to our car and this man was nearby with his husky. Sister Ferrel and Sister Edgar loved it and had to go pet it (they love dogs), I followed of course. We were a few minutes late to our dinner, but the man's name was Dave and he gave us his number so we could tell him more about the Book of Mormon!

Sister Ferrel was going through our area book looking for former investigators or potentials to follow up with. And after many phone calls, set up 2 appointments with 2 different girsl, Sayde and Holly, that still live here and are interested in meeting with us again! We also stopped by a guy named Damian who didn't have a phone number, he wasn't home but his dad, Victor opened, told us he'd give Damian our number and that we were welcome to stop by and try again, and he gave us a referral for his mom and sister down the street.

Finally got in with Peau (less-active), Sister Edgar has been trying to see her for almost 3 months. Peau wants to come back to church! She's struggling in her situation and with the word of wisdom, but she wants us to come regularly every week to teach her the missionary discussions, and she has a couple friends she wants to introduce to the church. She was teaching us principles about missionary work that took me months of being a full-time missionary to learn! I think she feels a little hopeless deep down, like she's gone too far to really make it back and change, but she really does desire to come back and change, so we're going to help her make that happen.

The Southcoast sisters (our roommates in another ward) gave us a referral to follow up with named Brenda.

We were contacting in the park again and talked to Juan, who was fishing at the pond. He surprised me with how interested he was in the Book of Mormon and our message about Jesus Christ and the Restoration. He has 4 kids ages 6-12, 2 boys and 2 girls, and gave us his number so we could come teach his family.

Guess what? Micha and Melania are getting baptized on the 19th! Remember Janette, the one I was teaching with Sister Loveridge in Aliso Viejo? She's not a member, her boyfriend, Jake, is less-active but returning, Jake's daughter Taylor just got baptized a couple months ago, and Janette has 4 kids, Melania (9), Micha(8), Chief(4), and Cruise(4), all 6 of them live together. Jake's sister lived in the ward we were serving in and invited them all to come learn from the missionaries. Then I got transferred and they were all eventually passed to the elders in Capistrano. But I got a phone call that the baptism is happening! They're getting closer it's so awesome! Sorry if not much of that made sense, it's one of the best things ever to hear about the progress of those you've taught and helped.

Today is going to be fun. Started the day with breakfast and studies together with the district, Then all p-day stuff to get done until dinner with the bishop, and then we have to be in early so the zone is doing our own trunk-or-treat. It'll be great! Happy Halloween!!
Hope you have lots of fun :D Love you!

- Sister Shumway

P.S. Casan - don't give up piano! I'm so happy you love it! I would LOVE to play with you when I get back! What are some of your favorite songs? Like any songs, and also church songs/hymns?

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