Monday, October 3, 2016

letter from Alyssa - October 3, 2016

It's been a pretty eventful week!

The Work -

Splitz with the Young Women is turning out to be so successful. I know it'll take work to keep it up, but it always ends up being a great night. I took Kylee with me to try a few potentials. Jackie wasn't home, but she did text back later this week and wants to meet with us tomorrow night. A couple others weren't home so we left notes on their door. But one of our referrals, Thad and Jocelyn, were very responsive. One night last week we were going to try and meet a part member family we didn't know, and we talked to Brother Isakson who was out on the street playing with his kids, on our way up to the door. He pointed out this house around the corner saying they used to meet with missionaries. The Elders' area book and ours alike had no info on it. But we tried it on splitz tonight, and they were in the middle of getting their kids to bed but wanted us to come back this week. They took our number too so we will follow up! The best part though was after, we ran out of people to stop by and still had plenty of time so we went contacting around the apartment complex. Kylee loved it! She was a little nervous, but most people were encouraging or at least courteous even though they weren't interested. We handed out a copy of the Book of Mormon and got a solid referral to pass to the Spanish hermanas. We also contacted someone that the Elders had contacted and set up a lesson with for friday, and they told us they were excited and still planning on seeing them! It was so fun to include Kylee and show her a small part of what it's like to be a missionary out working, both of us felt so good and were so happy even though we couldn't really explain it. What a cool little experience.

We also met Robin, Sister Jensen's neighbor, and have plans to paint her fence this week. I guess missionaries have tried going by to offer her a gospel message before, but maybe this will help soften her heart and let the Holy Ghost continue preparing her.

Along with Thad and Jocelyn, and Robin, we have received 3 other referrals! :

Laura was given to us by a member in another ward. She lives in our boundaries and she's going through a lot, her marriage is struggling and her grandma has been in and out of the ICU lately. She's going out of town to see her but gets back next week. We gave her a call and she was really grateful for it, and wants to meet us after she's back in town.

Amanda was also given to us by a member in another ward. All we really have is a phone number and address and plan on contacting her today since she doesn't work mondays.

And we got a notification on about Carllie. She was a self-referral, probably over, and requested some info from missionaries in person. We have a phone number and address and plans to contact her today too!

Lynn's appointment last monday canceled, we're trying to get a hold of her again and set something up.

Diane (recent convert) is continually making progress! She meets with us early in the morning because it's the only time she's able to. She also asks us to study things ahead of time like gospel principles lessons and questions she has. She loves discussing the gospel and we have an appointment with her to talk about general conference this week.

We had dinner with the Childress family, the dad is less-active and the mom comes with her 3 young girls. They all love church, but they just get really busy as a young family. So we keep in touch with them, I think one of the best things we can do for them is reach out to and get to know their girls more, so it was great to have that opportunity again. Sister Childress wasn't able to come to the relief society activity that night so we stopped by afterward and brought her some goodies from it. It got her girls excited and she really appreciated it.

We stopped by the Galbraith's since it's been a long time (less-active part member), they're going to have us over for dinner again this week or next. They want to before the next transfer just in case one of us gets moved.

Other cool stuff this week -

I got to give a really cool training in district meeting. I wish I had had a little more time, but it was on how to better use the Book of Mormon in our finding efforts. We turned to Preach My Gospel for ideas to practice and have ready for the Spirit to draw upon, and then role played and discussed them. We practiced contacting each other with inspiring questions, teaching about the plan of salvation or restoration and blessings of the gospel, bearing testimony, sharing why we came out on missions, sharing scripture passages or describing chapters and stories in the Book of Mormon, it was hard but a lot of fun. I closed it with my testimony of the Book of Mormon and that if we want the Spirit to help us have power in our efforts to get better at this, we not only need to be practicing but also we need to be reading and searching the Book of Mormon ourselves daily. My testimony was strengthened as I bore it to my district!

The relief society activity was really fun. It was a friendship market, so everyone brought stuff to share (food, anything from sugary baked goods to produce and seasonal things) and of course the missionaries always get the leftovers haha, we're a little too well-taken care of sometimes. :)

Got to go to the temple one last time! (Next temple trip is the transfer after I leave) I love the temple. I love to see it too, but really I just love the temple. :D

General Conference is always so wonderful. I could go on for days. But I'll share one cool experience: I had 2 questions I wanted to bring to conference, and couldn't decide (I know I could've brought both, but I really wanted a focus) so I decided to bring one to the temple and one to conference. The one I brought to the temple was a question about who Christ really is, and how I can get to know Him personally, not only about Him. I went to the temple with that, and I loved being in the temple, but I felt like I didn't really grow much or understand any more about who Christ is than I did before. I didn't feel bad about it, or even that I missed anything. So I put that question on the back burner (didn't even intentionally bring it to conference) and added it to my ever-growing list of study topics I'll get to sometime in this life. Then Elder Bednar stood up and spoke at conference, and he may as well have said "Sister Shumway, I know you have a question about this so I'm going to talk about it even though you've kind of let it go at the moment." It was SO COOL. I took notes that I plan to act on.

Pretty much everyone in south orange county knows that The Lord's very best are about to report to the MTC tomorrow!! I am thrilled for you to serve, Landon and Tyler! I can hardly wait to watch The Lord's plan continue to unfold this coming week and with all that will follow because of it. BY THE WAY I need your emails. I'm guessing landon.shumway and tyler.shumway both ? That's usually how they do it but you never know. I love you too!!!!!!!!

And Kynsie, and Aubrey, and Casan, and Mom and Dad. I love you guys too. :D

- Sister Shumway

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